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Our Values

At Sunnyhill We Live Generously

At Sunnyhill We Celebrate Innovation

At Sunnyhill We Champion Growth

At Sunnyhill We Pursue Excellence

At Sunnyhill We Build For The Next Generation

About Us

Sunnyhill Church began in June 2003 with just 22 people including 5 children and was planted in a redundant church building that we were given use of.  Since 2003 we have gone from strength to strength and continued to grow.  Dom & Loo started leading Sunnyhill back in 2012.  It is connected to the Apostolic Church UK which is a Pentecostal movement.   We have already experienced so much this far and have seen God do the miraculous in people’s lives but we know this is only the beginning.  Why not come and join us on our journey.

Meet Dom & Loo

Dom and Loo have been married for 11 years and have three boys – Caleb, Judah and Zeke.  They met at Moorlands Bible College back in 2004 where they studied theology.  Dom maintains that Loo saw Dom, his dazzling good looks, his sharp dress sense, his rock hard abs and his Christ-like personality she knew she needed to marry him.  Which they did when they graduated in 2007.  At this point, Dom became the youth pastor for Sunnyhill which he served as faithfully for two years before being demoted to assistant pastor.  In 2011 Dom’s predecessor Brian felt the call to minister in Scotland at which point the eldership at the time unanimously decided to appoint Dom into the lead Pastor role. 

Dom and Loo have a deep love for Jesus and a massive passion for the church.  They serve God together in leadership and they feel a long haul call and commitment to Sunnyhill and are desperate to see it become all that God wants it to be.  Dom loves preaching the word of God, inspiring people to live bigger and bolder lives for Jesus.  He also serves as an Apostle for the Apostolic Church UK supporting other churches, by investing in leadership.  Loo is passionate about seeing people connect with their purpose in the local church serving God with their gifts and time.  She also has a burden to see people who don’t yet know Jesus find Him and see His perfect plan for their life outworked.

Sunnyhill.life is where you can join one of our amazing small groups. Maybe you fancy joining a football team, trying out new board games, learning to budget or digging deeper into the Bible with our incredible One Group. You can find all this and much more over at Sunnyhill.life

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